Auction Prize for WHPS

Business Name: Typiary

Business Description: A registered and licensed business in Israel, capable of delivering tax-compliant receipts (without VAT add-ons). As sole owner, currently based in Finchley, I’ve creatively directed the design studio for international clients. Specializing in website production, WordPress, project management, e-commerce, editing, and book publishing.

Specific description of the prize for the silent auction website (to detail everything they can expect from the experience):

An offer to design, build, and host someone’s website. Personal or business. Want to get on the web? Start a blog? Have a password-protected family photo gallery? Send a unique newsletter? Have an app idea you want to roadmap and market? You’ll get a consultation at the start (one hour, preferably in person, location to be confirmed) to have a chat about goals, audience, layout, color, typography, etc. I’ll build the website with your input – all project managed online at your convenience. Includes training, testing, selection of about 10 images, final edits, a wrap-up conversation, and further steps you might take. Perhaps 5 or 6 web pages, including a blog and a homepage, built using WordPress. You’ll have your own login/password, full control of your site, and you won’t have to worry about costs, updates, hosting, security, nor speed. No job too big or too small, anything can be optionally added to your website – let’s hear your ideas! Here’s an example I made:

Total value of prize: £1066.25

Additional terms (e.g., valid for/limitations):

a) Footer will read and link to “Designed and developed by Typiary.”

b) I’ll build a website in about 20 hours and host the website for one year; after that the winner can pay Typiary or another company for hosting if they wish to have a live website. After a year, client/winner may also purchase domain name registry (about £10/year) to take ownership. WhoIs Lookup privacy not included (can be added for £5/year). Flywheel managed hosting includes premium services and costs £216.25 for a year; your website can be transferred elsewhere (for a one-time 1-hour cost of £42) for free/cheaper hosting options (can be as little as £4/month).

c) Winner’s site will be part of Typiary’s WP multisite for at least one year. SSL costs extra; no email included. No SEO work included. Any complex requests, e-commerce development, or options I have forgotten here can be handled, but may incur fees at an hourly rate, to be discussed.

d) Logo not included nor necessary, but I can make one for you free and easy if you wish.

e) Any payments necessary can be made via PayPal or bank transfer to Typiary’s account in Israel.

f) I update the tech, plugins, security, etc for one year; the winner/client provides the content (blog posts, text, headlines, etc).

Client/Winner to provide:

a) Their own email address (I can hook it up to their domain or Google Suite if wanted; included in prize package).

b) Name and idea for website; optional business name; decision on name URL (.com? .blog? etc).

c) Approval of all assets in a timely manner.

d) Availability for consultations and phone/email discussions.