Typiary is a digital agency that develops websites and publishes books. We’ve been applying design as a value-based proposition since 2006. Let’s chat about your ideas and make a project roadmap together.

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Good business by design

We put results above all else. Jeremy Zauder, the sole owner and creative director, has over twelve years of experience writing, coding, working with partners, enhancing marketing and fundraising campaigns, and producing collateral graphic material.

Typiary helps to “spread the risk” so that one person is not the only means of moving your project forward. First, by doing extensive planning – including for “when things go wrong.” Second, by sharing our knowledge in fruitful meetings. Questions are expected, and answers are clear and complete. Third, by using best-of-class tools and technology that are professional, reliable, and supported by thousands of people.

The journey is the destination. We’ll explore options you didn’t know existed, and turn ideas into solutions. Starting from our initial meeting, we engage in a process with you in which openness and honesty are the best policies. If you’re paying too much or paying for an unneeded service, we’ll remove that from the budget.

Jeremy’s work aims to be as transparent and as replaceable as possible – to everyone’s advantage. Clients become self-sufficient in tackling issues, both known and unknown. When a project is complete, our feedback and follow-through sessions enable you to build on what we’ve learned – and advocate for Typiary’s methods.

We can prove that good value comes from good work by good people. We measure success by many standards – we love data and analytics, after all – and your project can be done properly at a reasonable price.

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Our services

Website Design

A pretty website will only get you so far. A modern online home is an integral part of content deployment, outreach, and discovery. Your organization’s needs will always come before our need to impress. When you succeed, so do we.

Hosting and Setup

We are experts in domain name registration, troubleshooting, migrations, backups, CDNs, and security – all this and more made easy and blazing fast with Flywheel, our preferred managed WordPress hosting platform.

E-commerce and Content Management Systems

WordPress isn’t all we do. We have experience with SquareSpace,
WooCommerce, LayersWP framework, PayPal, Seamless Donations, Give Donations, Shopify, Google Suite, Zapier, MailChimp, Flickr, LastPass, HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP, MySql, Creative Commons, open source systems, and more.

Publishing and Print Management

We love to read and hold beautiful books even if we’re creating more e-books for screens these days. Complete services from paper to pixels. We can handle editing, proofreading, typography, layout, covers, inks, resolution, page texture, etc.

Accessibility Improvements

The Web should be open to everyone. Typiary promotes the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites, by people with disabilities. When sites are correctly designed, developed and edited, all users have equal access to information and functionality.

Strategy, SEO, and Analytics

Planning before, during, and after the timeframe of your project. User experience (UX) mapping, user interaction (UI) analysis, and storyboarding. The importance of setting expectations, executing smartly, and following up. Statistics and methodical processes to unlock value and move fast in new directions.

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