Website Design and Development

developed for Shavei Israel

Shavei Israel is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to assisting descendants of Jews and the Lost Tribes of Israel to reclaim their roots. Active worldwide, Shavei Israel is the starting point for anyone with Jewish heritage or ancestry who yearns to return.

Comprehensive planning and logistics were a necessity to meet their goals. Typiary completely re-designed their main website with a customized theme and a restructured digital architecture. Five new blogs were released with a consistent style; Shavei’s content is displayed in seven languages, easily switched with the world’s leading multi-language extension. A full-featured e-commerce system was built into a new online store, translated into three languages and accepting any currency. A premium donation system was implemented to be attractive, streamlined, and capable of handling multiple campaigns.

Typiary was able to perform maintenance, train staff, and follow up on all proposals for over a year. We migrated hosting and transferred DNS to new sub-domains with SSL certificates on our recommended hosting platform, Flywheel. Shavei’s blogs were optimized to make full use of revised content production workflows and Mailchimp integrations.

  • Client - Shavei Israel
  • Date Completed - November, 2016
  • Skills/Tools Used - Wordpress, Responsive Web Design, Branding, Photoshop, Flywheel, Filezilla FTP, Trello, CSS, MailChimp, PayPal, GiveWP, WooCommerce, WPML
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